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MUNSCH welcomes the Japanese economic

On 18th November 2016, a Japanese economic delegation from the Hyogo prefecture visited the Munsch facilities. The delegation had previously already visited the enterprises DMG in Pfronten, Siemens Fujitsu in Munich and Zeiss in Munich.

The aim of this informative journey was intensifying and developing economic relationships between technically highly evolved enterprises and regions.

Hyogo prefecture is home of several internationally well-established enterprises like Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and Kobe Steel Ltd.. Many major Japanese companies like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Toshiba Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation run research- and production facilities in Hyogo. Also, Hyogo is habitat of various global niche enterprises. The region considers itself a cradle of technological innovations and developments within the field of nanotechnology.

Also Munsch’s Japanese sales partner, company Tacmina, a renowned manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, runs a production site in the Hyogo prefecture.

On occasion of the visit at Munsch, one of the focuses was put on viewing the production- and logistics facilities to learn about how Munsch uses Kanban and Kaizen methods. The visit was constantly characterized by vivid discussions. The Japanese visiters were clearly impressed to see that Munsch also includes Toyota-production principles and the methods of 5S.

Another interesting topic was the explanations about an Industry 4.0 project of Munsch in co-operation with the Technical University in Darmstadt. During this project, a continuous networking of the processes from order-award up to the manufacturing of baseplates for Munsch pumps through autonomous programming was established.

Munsch does expressly support activities in international co-operations. With an export rate of 70 %, free trade and open markets are of extraordinary meaning to the company.





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