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MUNSCH’s corporate philosophy, reflected in its seven corporate principles, is based on a long-term business strategy. We believe that each customer benefit has a positive impact on the development of our company and creates a win-win situation for both parties.

1. Maximizing customer benefit


All our potential and capabilities are geared to generating maximum benefit for our customers.


2. Customer orientation


By keeping close track of our customers’ operating environments at all times we lay the foundations for consistent customer orientation in the innovation of our products.


3. Our challenge


Average is not good enough for us. We expect all our employees, vendors and service providers to work to the highest standards. Only in this way is it possible to secure excellent performance which is the prerequisite for maximizing customer benefit. Our strengths are our courage to explore new avenues and our commitment to and capability of continual improvement.


4. Concentration instead of diversification


We focus on growing our core competencies and strengths rather than getting lost in a widely diversified portfolio.


5. Consistent and target-oriented action


Whatever we do, we do it consistently.


6. Each customer contact is a mutually rewarding experience


We make every effort to ensure that each customer contact is a positive experience for both sides.


7. Global


The world is our market. Whether in the plant engineering or in the end user segment – we think and act global.





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