Visit to MUNSCH: FDP (Free Democratic Party) Member of Parliament Sandra Weeser


Resistance to the bureaucracy monster: the FDP and the EU supply chain law

We recently welcomed Ms. Sandra Weeser, FDP Member of Parliament, Dr. Dyas, Managing Director of the IHK Akademie Koblenz and Mr. Rössel, Managing Director of the IHK Koblenz, to our company for a remarkable meeting.

During a tour of the company, we presented our production processes and our advanced level of digitalization. However, the focus was also on a critical examination of the bureaucracy monster, particularly in light of the EU Supply Chain Act.

We admire the courage of the FDP to speak out against the controversial draft of the European Supply Chain Act and to be the only party in the coalition to advocate technological openness. This decision is considered wise by the industry, as the current supply chain law appears difficult to implement for SMEs due to complex supply chains with many upstream suppliers.

Ms. Weeser pointed out that five legislative projects were currently being launched, while only one old law was expiring - a bureaucratic backlog that urgently needed to be addressed. This is the strength of the FDP, which is moving in the right direction with the Growth Opportunities Act. It is time for politicians to return to market economy principles in order to promote growth.

We would like to thank Ms. Weeser, Dr. Dyas and Mr. Rössel for the very interesting exchange and their clear position against the bureaucracy monster.