Mineral processing

The service environment in the mineral processing industry is a challenge even for robust non-metallic pumps. In this application, corrosive service often goes hand in hand with very high flow rates and high solids loads.

Mineral processing

Mineral processing

Featuring a robust design and fabricated from wear-resistant PE-UHMW, MUNSCH pumps are the right answer to tough service environments and problematic fluids.

Successful applications:

Exhaust gas scrubber
Electrolysis plants
Chemical extraction processes
Lithium winning

Efficient pumps for the mineral processing industry

MUNSCH pumps have been specifically developed for conveying problematic fluids and are operating successfully in numerous mineral process industry applications.

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MUNSCH pumps reliably cover the complete value chain from the feed end to the tail end of your plant. There combination across all liquid transfer points at the production site leverages efficiency gains.
Our pumps can be adapted to your specifications – and also to your operational needs. The Product Overview gives you a snapshot of all our products.

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