NP standardized chemical pump

The tried-and tested all-round talent for rough service conditions in all industries

NP standardized chemical pump

As a universal all-round talent, the MUNSCH NP standardized pump has been rendering decades of excellent service in corrosive and abrasive service environments in the most diverse industries. Featuring a metal-free mechanical seal perfectly matched to the pump material and application along with optimized hydraulics, the NP stands for reliability, simplicity and efficiency. The NP standardized pump has paved the way for our worldwide success and consolidated our reputation as a reliable partner for challenging pumping tasks.

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  • General industry General industry

Type of construction

NP standardized pump – horizontal centrifugal pump with volute casing in back pull-out design;
designed to EN 22858/ISO 2858 dimensional standards and requirements; complemented by size 40-25-125, 40-25-160, 250-200-400, 300-250-400 pumps.

Also available as close-coupled pump NP-B.

Performance data

CAPACITIES [Q] TO:1200 m3/h
HEADS [H] TO:100 m


Vortex impeller (depending on pump size)
SHAFT SEALMetal-free mechanical seal with SSiC rotating and stationary seal rings
Available as single or double mechanical seal
EXPLOSION PROTECTION (ATEX)Meets the requirements of Directive 2014/34/EU

What makes the NP standardized pump so special?

  • High wear and diffusion reserves through thick-walled plastic casing
  • Wide service range from 2 to 1,200 m/h
  • Metal-free, robust mechanical seal concept for challenging requirements
  • Heavy-duty design for use in rough operating environments
  • Energy-efficient and minimized wear through perfect hydraulic design and the latest manufacturing methods
  • Suitable for corrosive fluids with or without solids
  • Ease of maintenance and reduced spare parts inventory thanks to standardized components, high availability and ease of field assembly without the need for any special skills

High-quality construction materials

MUNSCH NP chemical pumps are available in the following main materials: PP, PVDF and PE-UHMW for virtually universal fluid resistance.


-20 …120 °C

Versatile, partially fluorinated plastic; depending on the application, an economical alternative to PFA.


0 … 90 °C

Good resistance to many inorganic acids; offers excellent wear properties.


-20 … 90 °C

Highly cross-linked resin offering excellent chemical resistance in addition to outstanding wear properties. Ideal for fluids with high levels of solids.

Tailor-made mechanical seal

Each MUNSCH shaft seal is matched to the specific application. Being the linchpin in the pump system, the mechanical seal must be right for you – and for your pumping task.

As MUNSCH pumps operate in demanding service environments, the seal as well must satisfy exacting demands. To ensure the highest standards of quality, we have developed a seal offering maximum reliability in tough service conditions while at the same time being individually configurable: the MUNSCH REA-F (S/V).

Its flexibility and adaptability notwithstanding, this metal-free seal comes with a high level of standardization: one seal size fits all the pumps of the NP series. In this way, MUNSCH helps you simplify spare parts inventory management and creates confidence on the part of your maintenance staff. Subsequent conversion from a single to a double-acting mechanical seal or vice versa is feasible at any time with a minimum of effort. Flushing connections provided allow various flushing arrangements to be retrofitted without the need for any major modifications in the case of changed service conditions.

Interested in learning more about MUNSCH mechanical seals? Then go to Details for further information.

The right hydraulic design for each application

Each application is special – for you and for MUNSCH. We see every enquiry submitted to us as a new challenge and offer you different hydraulic concepts – even for individual pump sizes – that precisely match your pumping requirements. We know that each industry, each application and each fluid has its specific requirements: for pressure, flow rate, NPSH or solids content.

As experts of non-metallic pumps, our development team can draw on the latest tools to create the ideal pump for you. MUNSCH designs also include special impellers with 3D-curved blades which in conjunction with the right volute casing will not only provide clearly improved pumping characteristics but also longer service lives.

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