General industry

Non-metallic pumps enjoy numerous applications in the general process industries, ranging from wastewater treatment via air pollution control through to large industrial plants.

MUNSCH pumps are used whenever it comes to handling corrosive or abrasive fluids. Industrial users must ensure safe and efficient fluid handling in the first place. Faced with rising energy costs and under pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, they are, however, also increasingly looking for an energy-efficient value chain.

General industry

General industry

The efficiencies of MUNSCH non-metallic pumps are unrivalled – as pioneers in our field we are leading the way in energy-efficient pumping. In addition, MUNSCH pumps offer an ideal combination of wear- and corrosion-resistant materials and come with an armoured casing (PN 16 design).

Successful applications:

Semi-conductor industry – high-purity water
Semi-conductor industry – wastewater treatment
Semi-conductor industry – exhaust gas scrubbers
Industrial wastewater treatment
Industrial waste gas scrubbers
Fertilizer/phosphate production
Seawater desalination
Flue gas cleanup
Evaporation/crystallization plants

Efficient pumps for general industry applications

MUNSCH pumps have been specifically developed for handling problematic fluids and are successfully operating in numerous applications in the general process industries.

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MUNSCH pumps reliably cover the complete value chain from the feed end to the tail end of your plant. Their combination across all liquid transfer points at the production site leverages efficiency gains.
Our pumps can be adapted to your specifications – and also to your operational needs.

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