Horizontal pumps with mechanical seal

The all-round talent for corrosive and abrasive service environments

NPC standardized chemical pump

MUNSCH NPC - the universal pump for corrosive and abrasive service conditions. The combination of a standardized design and extreme robustness makes this pump the ideal choice for applications in the metal finishing, chemical process, mineral processing and the general process industries.

The giant for corrosive and abrasive service environments

NPC Mammut centrifugal chemical pump

For pumping tasks beyond the norm: the NPC Mammut centrifugal pump is the problem solver for extreme tasks. Here, MUNSCH has combined an extremely robust design and large wall thicknesses with excellent energy efficiency and optimum suction behaviour to redefine performance.

The NPC Mammut can handle flow rates of greater than 1000 m3/h even in abrasive and corrosive service conditions. The higher the pump head, the better is the performance of this centrifugal pump.

The tried-and tested all-round talent for rough service conditions in all industries

NP standardized chemical pump

As a universal all-round talent, the MUNSCH NP standardized pump has been rendering decades of excellent service in corrosive and abrasive service environments in the most diverse industries. Featuring a metal-free mechanical seal perfectly matched to the pump material and application along with optimized hydraulics, the NP stands for reliability, simplicity and efficiency. The NP standardized pump has paved the way for our worldwide success and consolidated our reputation as a reliable partner for challenging pumping tasks.

The specialist for highly corrosive service in the chemical industry

CS standardized chemical pump

Pumps in chemical industry applications must satisfy ever more exacting requirements not only in terms of operating pressure and temperature, but also safety and energy efficiency. MUNSCH's answer to this challenging application is the CS standardized chemical pump. The CS-series is setting new standards when it comes to performance and service range.

Horizontal pumps with magnetic coupling

The economical solution for standard applications

ECM standardized chemical pump

Uncompromising quality, consistently reduced to the basics – The MUNSCH ECM standardized chemical pump offers hermetic containment at an unbeatable price. Featuring exceptional efficiencies coupled with excellent suction behaviour, it is ideally suited for standard applications in the chemical industry.

Maximum safety in highly corrosive service environments

CM standardized chemical pump

The MUNSCH CM standardized chemical pump series stands for maximum operating safety, reliability and flexibility. The magnetically-coupled configuration means built-in hermetic containment of the fluid pumped. With all liquid-contacted parts made of PFA, the CM is the solution of choice for high-temperature and highly corrosive service environments. A wide variety of safety features offers the right solution for every application.

Vertical pumps

Robust and dry run-proof for corrosive fluids carrying high solids loads

TPC-M cantilever pump

Ideal for corrosive fluids carrying high solids loads: the cantilever design without plain bearing along with its all-plastic construction make the MUNSCH TPC-M vertical cantilever pump the perfect choice for extreme service conditions. Whenever cost-effectiveness is a priority consideration, the TPC-M scores high without compromising operating reliability.

Robust and dry run-proof – even at high flow rates

TPC vertical cantilever pump

Robust and corrosion-resistant, uncompromising performance: the cantilever design without plain bearing along with its all-plastic construction make the MUNSCH TPC vertical cantilever pump the perfect choice for extreme service conditions. With its exceptional performance and setting depth, the TPC is setting new standards. The TPC has also demonstrated its excellence in pumping corrosive fluids with high solids loads even under conditions where dry-running cannot be ruled out.

Flexible, robust and individually configurable

TNP-KL vertical centrifugal pump

Focus on flexibility: The MUNSCH TNP-KL vertical chemical pump series covers a wide capacity range of 2 to 700 m3/h. All-plastic construction of their fluid-contacted parts makes these pumps extremely robust. Individual adaptations open up an even broader application spectrum, making the TNP-KL a perfect fit even for extreme service conditions.

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