Chemical industry

Toxic, highly corrosive and high-purity fluids, explosion hazard zones – in the chemical industry, the main operator focus is on guaranteed operating safety in order not to jeopardize human health and the environment.

Also, numerous chemical industry standards and ATEX requirements require specialist pumps with safe sealing concepts and monitoring options.

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

MUNSCH has the right standardized chemical process pump for your needs. All pumps are available in virtually universally chemical-resistant materials, configured either as magnetically coupled or mechanical seal pumps. Diverse safety features complement the pumping solution – always selected to suit your specific needs.

Successful applications:

MDI / TDI production
Chlor-alkali electrolysis
HCL diaphragm electrolysis
Sulfuric acid production
Industrial wastewater
Acid transfer
Other fine and specialty chemicals

Efficient pumps for the chemical industry

MUNSCH pumps have been specifically developed for conveying problematic fluids and are operating successfully in numerous chemical industry applications.

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MUNSCH pumps reliably cover the complete value chain from the feed end to the tail end of your plant. Their combination across all liquid transfer points at the production site leverages efficiency gains.
Our pumps can be adapted to your specifications – and also to your operational needs.

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