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Vertical cantilever pump TPC-M

  Vertical non-metallic pump without plain bearing - dry-run proof



The heavy-duty type TPC-M vertical cantilever pump without bottom bearing is designed with run-dry capabilities to pump solids-carrying acids, alkalis and chemically contaminated effluents directly from pump sumps, pump tanks, storage tanks or basins.
The standard vertical setting depths of 800 (1000)mm respectively can be extended to 2.400 (2600)mm by a suction pipe.


The chemical pumps are available in PP, PE-UHMW as well as PVDF.  
Performance data
Pump capacity:
up to 250 m³/h
Total differential head:
up to 60 m
Operating temperature:
0°C up to +100 °C
Operating pressure:
up to 10 bar
Diameter of discharge nozzle:
DN 32 up to DN 100
Motor rating:

Solids concentration:
Maximum allowable particle size:

up to 20 kW

up to 5%

up to 18 mm



Type TPC-B dry run-proof vertical cantilever pumps are used to handle acids, alkalis, chemically contaminated fluids with or without solids loads or when there is a risk of prolonged dry running. Typical applications include electroplating plants, steel and stainless steel pickling lines, evaporation and regeneration units, flue gas cleaning systems in waste incineration facilities as well as exhaust air cleaning and industrial waste water treatment.

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Special applications

These pumps can be built for use in explosion hazard areas.




Vertical centrifugal pump with pump casing and single-entry, single-stage radial impeller; without bottom bearing; the shaft bearing is located outside the path of the fluid pumped.

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